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What are the benefits of joint custody?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Child Custody |

Parents going through divorce have a lot on their plates. However, what is one thing they will have to work out that almost all parents rank as a top concern? What to do about child custody.

Parents may want one specific option, but will that option benefit their child the most? As always, it is important to consider the benefits a child may reap from a custody situation first and foremost.

The development of good coping skills

Talking Parents discusses many of the benefits that joint custody carries. Studies over the years paint joint custody in a generally favorable light, and it holds up even under more modern studies. Compared to children of sole custody especially, children of joint custody do seem to have several benefits that they enjoy.

First, many of these children seem to develop healthier coping mechanisms as kids. This leads to better, healthier and stronger relationships throughout their lives, along with more healthy coping mechanisms as adults. They tend to struggle less with addictions and have longer-lasting platonic and romantic relationships.

The mental health picture

Many of these children also seem to struggle a little less with their mental health. Discounting the numerous other factors that impact a person’s mental health, children who experienced joint custody seemed to experience a lower rate of depression and anxiety. Those who did suffer with either often attributed it to other issues outside of the divorce.

Of course, another main benefit is the fact that the children will have both parents to rely on and support them as they age into adulthood and continue their lives. This is an invaluable benefit to many children.