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What is important to include in a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2022 | Child Custody |

When planning for your children’s futures, you may not know exactly what to talk about with your ex-spouse at first.

Parenting plans typically outline child custody issues and duties. Taking time to think carefully about multiple subjects related to this document can help you both agree on what to write in it.

Schooling and scheduling

According to Psychology Today, where growing children go to school and what supplies they need during the school year are both very important topics. Scheduling issues when picking up or dropping off your children also typically require a specific plan that works for both of you.

These daily arrangements are a large part of your life and parenting, so knowing what you both are responsible for is important. You should talk about where the children will stay during holidays and yearly celebrations when discussing upcoming scheduling conflicts.

Methods of communication

Knowing when and how you can contact your children or your former spouse while your children are at their house is another important part of this plan. Not only can this help prevent possible fights between you two, but it can also clarify what to do in an emergency situation.

If your children are old enough to express an opinion, you may ask them what kind of communication they prefer.

Disciplinary tactics

When it is your ex-spouse’s time for visitation, you both should feel confident that they are following disciplinary and bedtime-related rules even when you are not there.

Writing these down in a document can help you both come to an agreement that gives your children the best possible start in life.