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What could influence a post-judgment modification?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Uncategorized |

After a divorce, you and your ex-spouse typically make up a parenting plan that encompasses a lot of topics and important healthcare situations that deal with your children. Paying child support is one part of this plan.

There are some situations where you can request a change, or a post-judgment modification, in the time following the original plan.

Change in care needed

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, a parent who spends more time taking care of the children than they initially did may ask for a change in support. This change in a custody arrangement can happen when you are responsible for your children more days a week on average.

You can also prove that there is a significant difference in your lifestyle, such as remarriage or other circumstance like the change in the health of the children. Documenting proof of these changes and working together to come to a new compromise is important.

Change in income level

In some cases, a parent’s ability to pay for child support can change when they get a new job or a major promotion. This increase in income allows them to live differently, which means one or both parents may file for a modification if the child’s needs are also increasing.

Change in ability to pay

If a parent loses their job or gets their hours at work cut drastically, then they may request a modification in child support. Being clear and direct about what you need can help both parties reach an agreement for this new amount.

Respectful communication can allow you to reach a post-judgment modification that helps your children.