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Save driving practices to avoid an OWI

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Firm News |

Drunk driving in Michigan is a serious offense. If you get caught drinking and driving, your life can change forever.

Michigan Traffic Crash Facts show that the closer you get to the weekend, the more crashes occur due to drunk driving. If you plan on drinking this weekend, make sure you practice safe driving habits. You do not want an OWI or worse on your conscience.

Plan your route home

When you go out with your friends, make sure you have a driving plan. Have a zero-tolerance policy for blood alcohol concentration if you want to drive home. Even though Michigan allows less than .08 BAC for driving, hold yourself to a higher standard. If you want to drink, have a ride-sharing app. Before you go out, know how you will get home. If you break your rule and have a few drinks, it is better to leave your car at a bar or friend’s house than endanger yourself and other drivers on the road. Settle for a minor inconvenience over a life-changing mistake.

Drive defensively

Even if you follow your zero-tolerance rule, you cannot account for other drivers on the road. Be a defensive driver and give plenty of space for cars in front of you. Watch out for swerving cars or aggressive speeders. Drive the speed limit and do not give the police any excuse to pull you over. They will be on the lookout for drunk drivers too.

You do not want to receive a felony for one lapse in judgment. Have a policy and stick to it. Nothing is worth an OWI charge.