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Factors to consider regarding default divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Divorce |

If you are preparing to file for a divorce, or if your spouse recently initiated a divorce, you likely have all sorts of topics to review. Aside from legal matters involving kids, finances and other issues, it is important to remember that couples work through their divorce in different ways. Sometimes, a couple getting divorced collaborates in an amicable manner, while others end up in heated courtroom disputes. In some instances, people end their marriage through a default divorce.

It is vital to carefully go over your options and familiarize yourself with what default means if you expect to have a default divorce.

What is a default divorce?

In many instances, couples get a divorce and both parties seek a favorable outcome in court. However, some people end their marriage through a default divorce. According to the official website of Otsego County, Michigan, a default divorce occurs when the defendant fails to respond to the divorce complaint. If you do not file a response to the divorce complaint as the defendant, or if you are the plaintiff and the other party is not going to respond, it is vital to understand what a default divorce entails.

What are some pros and cons of default divorce?

On the one hand, some couples save time and money through a default divorce. Typically, default divorces move forward swiftly. However, default divorce can have serious drawbacks. For example, if you fail to file a response, you lose your voice during the divorce, and you could lose the ability to seek a more favorable outcome with respect to property division, custody and child support.

In some instances, people do not realize the terms of the divorce, and they suffer the consequences after the divorce becomes finalized. Make sure you understand your options and the potential impact of your approach thoroughly.