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How can a narcissistic co-parent impact you?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2022 | Child Custody |

After a divorce, you may begin to feel more and more overwhelmed as you deal with a narcissistic co-parent who tries to constantly undermine you.

While some parents may avoid an active role, the narcissistic co-parent is the complete opposite and wants all focus on him or her. Knowing the signs of this kind of manipulation can help you determine what steps to take next.

Lying about important issues

According to Psychology Today, if your co-parent refuses to drop off your children or lies about facts so that he or she can stay with the children longer, then that is a sign of a bigger problem. You may also notice your children’s schedules changing without your knowledge.

This kind of sneaky behavior can leave you feeling lost and frustrated, since your co-parent may deliberately try to confuse you. The narcissist may even attempt to spread rumors and ruin your reputation among friends and family.

Invading your privacy

One trait of a narcissist is the never-ending need to control a situation. If you notice your co-parent constantly questioning your children about what you are doing and who you are talking to, then you may be dealing with a narcissist. This kind of behavior can escalate as time goes on, since some harmful co-parents may use this information to start fights or make you appear abusive in front of other people.

Using your children

Narcissists can also use elaborate mental games to make children spy on you for them. This level of control can harm everyone involved, including the children who ultimately have no idea why their mother or father is acting this way. Thankfully, there are ways to notice and combat narcissistic parenting.