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Why are OWIs common around Thanksgiving?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Firm News |

The holidays may bring cheer, but they also bring a lot of travel. Combine that with more free-flowing alcohol, and the holiday season is prime for an increase in drunk drivers on the roads.

While each holiday seems to see issues with OWIs increasing, the most recent one, Thanksgiving, seems to be especially worrisome. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains there are a few good reasons why Thanksgiving seems to see such a surge in drunk driving incidents.

Blackout Wednesday

Blackout Wednesday is a college-related event. It refers to the night before Thanksgiving when people drink so much that they lose consciousness. The idea is about preparing for the holiday and for dealing with awkward or uncomfortable family gatherings. It also is in preparation for the kickoff to the Christmas season where life seems to fly by and there is never enough time. It is about unwinding.

It is also a huge problem because those who do not black out at the bar or wherever they are drinking may try to get behind the wheel, increasing the number of people on the roads who are intoxicated.

Social acceptance

It is socially acceptable to drink to excess on Thanksgiving. Many families include alcohol as a regular part of their holiday. Mix alcohol with food and a long day of celebration and some people fail to realize how intoxicated they are. They leave to go home and are too drunk to safely drive.

The only way to make Thanksgiving roadways safer is for people to realize they should never drink and then get behind the wheel. While it may be socially acceptable to drink a lot on this holiday, it is never ok to drive unless you are sober.