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3 things about divorce you might not expect

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2021 | Divorce |

With divorce being such a huge decision that affects not only you but your entire family, you need to give it some careful thought before you commit to it. Even then, it is difficult to anticipate everything that may happen.

If you find that there are aspects to your divorce that you did not anticipate, you are not alone. According to TODAY, even some divorce professionals encounter unexpected aspects when ending their own marriages. Here are some common circumstances surrounding divorce that you may not anticipate.

1. Divorce does not solve all your problems

Things do not suddenly get better for you following a divorce. In many cases, they improve gradually with hard work on your part. You may still have to deal with your ex in matters regarding shared parenting or support. You can expect that the things that annoyed you about your ex are still there, and you will need to try to find ways not to let them bother you as much.

2. It can affect your other relationships

Friends that you had as a couple may feel torn about where their allegiances lie. They may be insecure in their own relationships and not want to have to deal with the feelings that your divorce brings up in them. Therefore, they may not be there for you the way you expect them to be. Let these friends go, and cultivate relationships with people who are supportive and trustworthy because you need a reliable support system during your divorce.

3. You may feel a wide range of emotions

The loss of your marriage, possibly compounded by the loss of friends, can cause you to grieve during and after your divorce. You may also feel fear and anxiety facing an unknown future that is so different from what you expected and planned for.

Even when you are the one who initiates the divorce process, you may experience a negative emotional reaction. However, this gets better with the personal growth that comes with forging a new life for yourself.