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3 factors to consider when creating a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Firm News |

For divorcing parents, putting together a parenting plan that works for mom, dad and all their children require a lot of thought and consideration. Since all parties have to follow the plan once it gets signed and becomes legally binding, it is important to think about all of the different factors that can impact the lives of the children involved.

Michigan parents should review the state’s Parenting Time Guidelines when creating a plan. However, since every family is unique, parents should also consider the following factors.

1. Education

Determining where children should attend school following a divorce should be a priority. If possible, it is in the best interest of children to keep them in the same school as before. Both spouses should commit to getting their children to school on time, and they should work together to make any decisions regarding educational needs.

2. Extracurricular activities

Many children participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports or dance. Divorcing parents should consider how they will continue their children’s participation in these activities, who will take responsibility for drop-offs and pick-ups, and how they will pay for the programs, if necessary. These activities may require special time considerations in a parenting plan.

3. Health care

When children need to attend a doctor’s appointment or medical decisions are necessary, both parents should be on the same page. Including information on how to handle health care as part of a parenting plan can make it easier to act quickly when emergencies arise.

Putting together a parenting plan that allows for time for both parents to provide love and support for their children is important for everyone in the family. Keep these considerations in mind as you create a plan that works for your family.