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What should you include in a co-parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Child Custody |

After a divorce, you may struggle to know what to add to a parenting plan.

This cohesive document typically addresses the concerns and needs of you and your ex-spouse’s children. Knowing the variety of topics it usually covers can help you both craft a plan that helps you in the future.

Drop-off times

According to Healthline, being specific about what time and what day of the week you or your ex-spouse need to pick up your children is important. Although you both have separate lives, you need to be cooperative when setting up times for your children to swap houses.

Be clear and direct about what you want from your co-parent. Having a familiar routine can help you both feel secure and work better together.

Holiday visits

While it may seem tempting to assume everything will work out fine when a holiday happens, you should plan ahead to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings. Including in writing who your children will spend time with during summer or winter holidays, as well as any other special arrangements, can help you stay organized.

Some co-parents may prefer alternating custody every other summer, while others choose a more unique or customized approach.

Educational needs

Choosing who will attend parent-teacher meetings or other activities in school is another important part of this plan. You may have differing opinions on what schools you want your children to attend in the future.

Some people plan ahead for pick-ups or drop-offs for extracurriculars or other after-school activities. Talking about all of these options allows you both to understand what is best for your children.