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The challenges of juggling your job and child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Child Custody |

Getting divorced may mean you need to increase the time you spend working so you can afford basic necessities. As you negotiate a child custody agreement, you will need to have some flexibility to find an arrangement that works for everyone.

Juggling childcare and career commitments may prove quite challenging, especially as you find a new routine. Knowing some common challenges of managing these two roles may help you feel more prepared to confront situations as they arise.

Work-life balance

Divorce can surface lots of emotions that may distract you from your job responsibilities. Add on top the exhaustion that often accompanies caring for children and you may feel unable to find the energy to do it all.

While it is in your best interest to keep the details of your divorce private, you may benefit from disclosing a summary of your situation to your boss. This may encourage flexibility and empathy from your employer so you can tend to personal needs as they arise. Set aside specific hours to address divorce-related issues so you can focus your attention solely on your job during working hours.

Childcare costs

One common challenge for many single parents who have to work is the ever-growing cost of childcare. According to Parents.com, a study revealed that many families spend over 20% of their income on childcare. Such an exorbitant expense may impact your finances greatly.

You may consider drawing upon community resources to help you care for your children. Depending on the relationship you have with your ex, you may have the chance to negotiate a custody agreement that allows you to work full-time with minimal childcare expenses. If possible, you may also consider relying on family and friends to reduce the money you spend on childcare. Another consideration is to put child support payments toward childcare costs.

Despite the challenges of single-parenthood and working full-time, your determination to make it work can help you reach your goals and build a better future for yourself and your children.