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How can I save money on my divorce?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce is difficult and often necessary. However, many people underestimate the overall expenses related to divorce. Taking some initial steps at the beginning of the process can help you avoid sticker shock later.

Of course, the least expensive divorce is the divorce that does not happen. But if you have already tried to work it out with your ex-spouse and divorce is the only option, MoneyTalksNews recommends taking the time to get organized and communicating effectively with your lawyer to save money on the process.

Organization is key

The axiom “time is money” is especially true when working with an attorney. The more organized you are throughout the process, the faster and less expensive your meetings with your attorney will be.

Essentially, the more that you do on your own, the more money that you will save. This does not mean that you should expect to be writing your own legal briefs, but compiling your own bank account statements can save a lot of money.

Communicate effectively

If your lawyer contacts you asking for specific information, make sure to provide it as quickly as possible. Additionally, every time you pick up your phone to call your attorney, stop and think about whether you can send an email instead. While your attorney will be supportive throughout this process, minimizing your communications with him or her to the bare minimum will help save money.

Finally, make sure not to take emotional issues to your attorney. It is likely you will benefit from robust emotional support throughout your divorce, but this is for family, friends and trained counselors to do.